Temporary Horizontal Life Line


Ref: SF-HL-5001

SECURE FIRST introduces the Horizontal Anchorage Lifeline to provide a suitable and safe anchorage extending horizontally along a length.

The SF-HL-5001 is a Horizontal Anchorage Life Line made up of 30 mm Polyester Webbing equipped with the Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two supports. Both the ends are provided with Auto Locking Steel Karabiners (Our Ref. SF-1102).

The whole system is supplied in a bag, which is permanently attached to the assembly and also enables the user to easily carry the system with the help of the comfortable shoulder hanging straps provided in the bag.
Once fitted, you can easily put back the extra webbing not deployed along the length, into the Bag.

Available Length of total 20m, thus the user can use it for a length ranging from 5m to 20m.

Tested & Certified for use by two users simultaneously.


Once the Lifeline is fitted, the user can easily attach the Lanyard of his Harness to the Lifeline using a Karabiner. This allows movement along the length while keeping the user secured and safe at all times.


Horizontal lifelines, depending on their geometry (see diagram) and angle of sag, subjected to greater loads than the impact load imposed by an attached component. When the angle of horizontal lifeline sag is less than 30 degrees, the impact force imparted to the lifeline by an attached lanyard is greatly amplified. For example, with a sag angle of 15 degrees, the force amplification is about 2:1 and at 5 degrees sag, it is about 6:1. Depending on the angle of sag, and the line's elasticity, the strength of the horizontal lifeline and the anchorages to which it is attached should be increased a number of times over that of the lanyard. Horizontal lifelines shall have a tensile strength capable of supporting a fall impact load of at least 5,000 pounds (22.2 kN) per employee using the lifeline, applied anywhere along the lifeline.