Quality Standards

  • European Standards - EN
  • Belt for Work Positioning, Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards
  • Full Body Harnesses
  • Sit Harnesses
  • Connectors
  • Lanyards
  • Energy Absorbers
  • Anchorage Devices - Requirements & Tests.
  • Guided type Fall Arrester including a Flexible Anchorage Line
  • Retractable type Fall Arresters
  • Rescue Lifting Devices
  • Descender Devices for Rescue
  • Rescue Harnesses
  • Safety Helmet
  • Spectacles
  • Ear Plugs
  • Ear Muffs
  • Safety Shoes
  • Indian Standards - ISI
  • Full Body Harnesses - ISI Standard
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Helmets
  • EN 358:2000
  • EN 361:2002
  • EN 813:2008
  • EN 362:2004
  • EN 354:2010
  • EN 355:2002
  • EN 795:CLASS B
  • EN 353-2:2002
  • EN 360:2002
  • EN 1496:2006 CLASS A
  • EN 341:CLASS A
  • EN 1497:2007
  • EN 397:2012
  • EN 166
  • EN 355-2:2002
  • EN 352-1
  • EN 20 345:2011
  • IS 3521:1999 CLASS D
  • IS 15298
  • IS 2925

Systems Certification (ISO 9001:2008)

Under this certification all processes and systems are stringently monitored to deliver quality product at each stage of manufacturing and service.

Product Certification (CE)

More than 75 products manufactured by SECURE FIRST are CE certified.

Our Certificates have been issued by Certifying Body APAVE-FRANCE, in accordance with Article 10 of the PPE 

Directive 89/686/EEC. The Notified Body Number of APAVE is 0082.

Our on-going assessment body is APAVE-FRANCE which issues us our 11B certificate as per directive 89/686/EEC. The notified body number of APAVE is 0082.

All our products are marked ‘0082'.

As per 11B certificate all products marked CE 0082 must have a valid E.C. type examination certificate issued under Article 10.


PPE Inspection

PPE are increasingly being used at the construction sites as they play an important part in the safety of the person working at a height.

Our specified team of trained personals give personal visit at the construction sites and give live demonstration to the workers and ensure that any query is solved to their complete satisfaction.

It therefore becomes of upmost importance to inspect the PPE before use. The storage as well as proper usage of these products largely contribute to their performance.


Trained inspection Team

A well Trained and competent team of personal is given the responsibility to perform inspections on regular basis. Even there personal are trained regularly in a scheduled manner to increase their competency.

Inspection Procedures

Proper documentation is maintained for visual inspection accepted and rejected material are clearly marked.
All accepted products are tagged accordingly.

Test Reports & Certification

Every product is accompanied with its Test Report and PPE inspection certificate.

Laboratory Testing

All products are tested batch wise in our inhouse testing Laboratory (in process for accredition by Apave, France.)
Detailed Test Reports with findings are provided on request.