hence highly resistant to Abrasion & Wear

VIRAJ introduce REPELLON range of Harness and Lanyards specially designed for worker engaged in petro chemical and Oil industry

The specialized Webbing of the REPELLON range is constructed from unique polyester webbing incorporating Repel Technology- a specialized coating which repels oil, dirt and water hence prevents their absorption on the webbing.

Ideal for use in:

A variety of application including petrochemical, painting, water treatment , food processing off shores and general industry.

Repel Technology Persistent PERFORMANCE

Regular Webbing

Repel Webbing of REPELLON Harness

Significant Features:

  • Oil and Dirt repellant webbing provides excellent resistance from build up of Oil and Dirt.
  • Aluminum D-Rings and Stainless steel buckles/Frames provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Highly UV resistant.
  • Deflects the dust, dirt or any unwanted material which causes abrasion hence is tear and cut resistant.
  • Easy to care for, wipes clean in seconds.
  • Increased durability and longevity.

Repellon All Purpose Harness
Ref. SF-FBH(WPB02)-A-1056 (OR)

  • Attachment Elements- 1 Dorsal and 1 Sternal D-Ring for fall Arrest. 1 Ventral D-Ring At Waist level for ropes access work and 2 lateral D-Rings for work Positioning.
  • Adaptability- Adjustable shoulder, thigh-straps and waist belt for extended comfort
  • Removable X-back pad for shoulder straps provide extreme comfort
  • As per EN 361:2002, EN 358:1999& EN 813:2008.


Repellon Positioning Harness
Ref. SF-COMBO-A-1044 (OR)

  • Attachment Elements- One chest attachment D-Ring and a Dorsal
  • Attachment D-Ring for fall Arrest. Two Lateral attachment D-Ring
    for work positioning.
  • Adaptability- Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps.
  • Soft padded work positioning belt give extreme working comfort and
  • As per EN 361:2002& EN 358:1999


Repellon Climbers Harness
Ref. SF-FBH-A-1024 (OR)

  • Attachment Elements- 1 Chest Attachment D-Ring and a Dorsal attachment D-Ring for fall Arrest
  • Adaptability- Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps.
  • As per EN 361:2002


Repellon Fall Arrest Lanyard
Ref. SF-FWL(E)-3701(IS) (OR)

  • Specification: Expandable Forked fall arrest lanyard. Elastic in nature and prevents tripping hazard.
  • Available Length: 1.4m to 1.6m (Relaxed Length), 2.0m (Expanded Length)
  • Attachment Elements : Aluminum Snap Hook SF-1209 at one end & Aluminum Rebar Hooks SF-1306 at other ends
  • As per EN 355:2002
  • Also available in Single Leg Ref: SF-EEAWL-3909(IS)(A)(OR)


Repellon Polep
Ref. SF-WPL-2408 (OR)

  • Specification: Made from 44mm wide oil repellent webbing incorporeted with 44mm tubular webbing for abrasion resistant
  • Available Length: Adjustable upto 2.0mm
  • Attachment Elements :Incorporated with Aluminum snap Hooks SF-1209 at both the end foe excellent corrosion resistant.
  • As per EN 358:1999