Easy Seat Pilot Chair
Ref: SF-PC-1004

Material : Polyester
Width : 44mm
Breaking Strength : 23kN
Material : High strength steel
Plating : Zinc plated
Finish : Silver Galvanized
Design: To be used as an accessory with Harness having a Ventral D-ring at the waist level to which the karabiner is attached.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable working chair
  • Aluminium reinforcement inside

Suspension Trauma Strap
Ref: SF-STS-01

Avoid the effects of Suspension Trauma with the use of SECURE FIRST Suspension Trauma Straps.
  • Extremely effective; specially designed to help relieve the negative effects of Suspension Trauma.
  • Compact and Light-weight. Does not hamper the activity of worker while at work.
  • Allows the suspended worker to stand up in his harness to relieve pressure.
  • Easy to attach to the Harness with the help of the textile loop and velcro provided.
  • Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof
SECURE FIRST provides Harnesses fitted with the Suspension Trauma Relief Straps on request.


Pilot Chair
Ref: SF-PC-1005

  • Ergonomic and comfortable working chair
  • For vertical ascent and descent
  • Tested as per EN 1498 : 2006
  • Spreader Bar available as optional accessory


Evacuation Triangle
Ref: SF-ET-8052

  • To be used for rescue of injured personnel
  • Contains 3 metallic D-Rings at attachment elements